a new era in sports brand management

We prepare the athlete for the multi-faceted demands of collegiate sports. Being a successful athlete is more than just your athleticism. Today's athlete requires a unique skill set which includes: strong personal branding, and marketability; Living a private life made public.

W|F give athletes the distinct privilege of working with a team of former college and professional athletes who can help mold a client’s career trajectory both on and off the field.

We know football! We understand the skills and techniques at your position that must be updated to keep you competitive. Consider us experts in the field of modern physiological training methods! Our goal is to keep athletes performing to their ultimate competitive physical capabilities each season of play.

Off the field we offer personal brand development, life coaching and crisis management which is driven and cultivated from the personal perspective and experiences of a former pro-athlete who has played in your cleats.

Let WHITFIELD|FOOTBALL help you take your career to the next level.

How We Work for You

BOB WHITFIELD alongside legendary trainer CHIP SMITH prepare ALI MARPET (TAMPA BAY 61st pick 2015) throughout his pre-draft training regimen prior to his performance in the Senior Bowl and at the NFL scouting combine.

Who We Are

Bob L. Whitfield III, the founder of WHITFIELD | FOOTBALL, exemplifies a proven reputation for excellence, creativity, and foresight. With over 20 years of experience in sports and entertainment, Whitfield has delivered superior leadership in his entrepreneurial ambitions that display his commitment for operational growth and financial success in entertainment and lifestyle industries.

Whitfield, a 1999 Pro Bowl'er, was a fixture on the Falcons offensive line that finished 14–2 in the regular season. The team went on to upset the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship Game and advance to Super Bowl XXXIII. The Falcons’ first–round draft choice played in 211 games over 15 NFL seasons: Atlanta Falcons (12), Jacksonville Jaguars(1), and the New York Giants(2).
Whitfield attended Stanford University, where he was a consensus All-­America student–­athlete in his junior season. Although he made an early draft departure, Whitfield returned to the university to complete a Bachelor's Degree of Arts in Economics and was inducted in the Stanford Sports Hall of Fame in 2012.

What We Do


We are about your performance constanly imrpoving... Let's talk football with in-season game by game evaluation from our experts. We provide mutlible technique and method training programs for domination in the game of football. In our vision promoting and protecting our clients’ interests is paramount. The respect we have earned from coaches, enables us to achieve outstanding results for our clients.


We actively seek commercial marketing deals and offer full service public relations to capitalize on your performance. We leverage your marketability to increase long-term earnings that maximize exposure and influence. We are dedicated to managing endorsement contracts, appearances and autograph sessions both locally and nationally.


For our clients we compile a unique and individualized performance plan that assist and guides the player's preparation for an increase in draft status and career longevity. This includes strength and agility training, position specific drills and dynamic body movement.